Why Not Just be Wronged?

On last Thursday my husband shared an amazing word at our small group.  I would love to share a bit of the thoughts with you.

You know when someone hurts you, or does something wrong to you. Or even when you watch a show or movie and you just hope that the bad guy gets what is coming to him. It is such a small thought or emotion but it really does hold us. More than we think. I’m not one to make someone feel angry just because I may have felt angry. And want to do everything in my power to get them back. But deep down, I have a side where I wish they could feel the way I feel. Like when someone drives really slow in front of me… Or cuts me off. Why? Seriously… why do we even have this emotion?

Why not just be wronged?

This was the strange thing he kept saying throughout the night. Why not just be wronged? Why do we want so bad to avenge for ourselves? The bible talks about being someone who loves those who hurt them. It actually goes as far as calling those we should love our enemies. If they slap our cheek, we should turn our other cheek to them. That we should give them more than they even demand from us. This sounds like sheer craziness!

You know what is even crazier? God sent his son to earth, in the form of a man, only to live a perfect life, and die for us. To literally lay down his life for us. For those who at the time were beating him, and nailing him naked to a cross. For those who curse using his name. For those who mock him and deny his existence. He not only did this for them, in the midst of it, he cried out “Father Forgive them!” I can just imagine if I was in his place, the anger I would feel. But Jesus had compassion and love. His life purpose was to just be wronged. That is my hero. That is someone I want to call my idol. That is the kind of person I want to be.

So ask yourself, why not just be wronged? Vengeance will get you nowhere. The bible says we cannot overcome evil with evil. But the secret everyone is longing for- How to overcome evil? Overcome evil by doing good!


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