What are you doing with your life?

During the last half of 2010 God was really revealing to me the type of person I was living as. You might think I’d be proud of what I had accomplished, Happy for everything  I had made for myself… by age 21 – I am married, with a house, my own business, amazing family and friends, a real trophy of a life. But this was nothing like what I felt like. Instead I began to see that only God did these things, and that I was just an instrument. But more so, what I had contributed to my life was pride and selfishness.

When you examine your life, you realize that we are extremely selfish. We are constantly thinking about ourselves. It is in our nature because of the curse. But thankfully God has given us a new nature.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh
– Ezekiel 36:26


Our heart needs to be where God’s heart is. Why do we care so much about ourselves, especially in North America, when there are others who are dying – going to eternal Hell – separated from God eternally. Our goal should be to save his Children. But we are so worried about ourselves a lot of the time. There is a song called World Vision by Fresh IE that really makes me think about this. Take some time and listen to it and examine yourself in front of God.

Ask God to make you more selfless! And ask yourself, “What am I really living for? What am I really doing with my life?” Because so many of us are living a life for ourselves – getting nothing done that is really worth while. Who cares if you have the nice house, if you own the best car. My favourite line in this song below is where it talks about how we complain “There’s Hair in my Food, The waitress is rude” When children are dying of hunger around the globe – what are you worried about today? Let’s stop stressing about our lives – and begin worrying about the lives of others.

This year I’m going to make it a focus to become more selfless in my thoughts, emotions, actions, prayers and every area of my life. How about you, what are you focusing on this year? Do you have any new years resolutions or goals? Share, I’d love to hear!


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