Can I Get a Mommy Moment, Please? 

There is a new line we tend to use a lot lately in my family. It seems more of an — excuse my family, we’re trying our best — kind of excuse. The line is “There is always somebody crying in our house.” And I’ll tell you, to be honest, it’s not always the kids 🙄. 

What I’m learning more and more every day is the importance of having time to myself. This time is so hard to come by in a home filled with adorable and demanding children, crying for attention, but it sometimes takes a little extra effort to get a few extra moments of alone time. 

As a woman, even more so a wife and mother, but even just as a human being, we desperately need to remember the importance of private time. 

If you are starting to get to the point you need a breather, ask your husband and/or baby sitter to watch the kids for a couple hours. I usually like to take this time and spend with God in either, prayer, worship or my bible. 

Look for a space you can be by yourself. A room in your house, the car for a drive or under the tree in your backyard. Find something relaxing and stress free to occupy your time. Maybe it’s baking in the kitchen or taking a nap in your bed. Don’t let yourself get to a breaking point before taking time for you. 


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